Features of Multinational Corporation

There are many features of multinational corporation. Some are the following:

  • International Approach: The Multinational has International approach.  They operates in many countries through their headquarters in the home country and MNCs has vast access of international market as well.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: The multinational helps to brings the advanced technology to the developing countries. Multinationals invest huge money in research and development. That’s why they bring updated technologies to host country.
  • Collective Transfer of Resources: A multinational corporation facilitates a multilateral transfer of resources. Usually, this transfer takes place in the form of a “package” which includes technical know-how, machinery, and equipment, raw material, management etc.
  • Healthy Competition:  The multinational brings healthy competitions to the host country and break the domestic monopolies. They compel the domestic companies to increase their efficiency by competing with them.
  • Upliftment of Life Style: The Multinational helps to upgrade the lifestyle of the host country. They brings the developed countries cultures to the host country people. So, it helps to upgrade the lifestyle of the host country people.