Importance of Multinational Corporation

There are many importance of multinational Corporation. Some are the following:

  • Transfer of Latest Technology: The Multinational Corporations brings latest technology to the developing countries. Because the multinationals has updated technologies and huge money to invest to the developing country.
  • Employment Opportunities: When the big Multinational corporations come to the developing countries, they provide and generate lots of employments to the local people from top executives to lower staffs.
  • Increase in Export: When Multinational starts to manufacturing the products or goods exports of the home country will automatically increase. Because multinational fulfill the demands of the products.
  • Professional Management: Multinationals kindle a managerial revolution in the host countries through professional management and the employment of sophisticated management techniques and practices.
  • Human Resource Development:  Multinational Corporations help to build the Knowledge and skilled of the host country people. They serve as carriers of knowledge and experience.
  • Research and Development: The enormous resource of a multinational enterprise enable it to have very efficient research and development system. Thus, it can make a commendable contribution to inventions and innovations.