Importance of Supervision

There are many Importance of Supervision in the organization. These are following:

  • Supervision helps to Facilitates Control 

Supervision Helps the the organization to facilitates the control of employees because when the superiors of the company guide their subordinates they will be in control and will not cross the line of the decorum.

  • Optimum Utilization of Resources

Supervision helps the company to reduces the wastage of the material. because when the employees get directions from the superiors then it reduces the wastes of the material during production time.

  •  Help to improve Leadership

Supervision helps the organization to improve the leadership quality of the employees because when a manager or senior employees got a task they do everything to achieve the goal. which makes the organization productive.

  • Supervision removes grievances among the employees

When the employees get directed they will be busy in their tasks and do not consider little things. That time employees ignore little grievance and work towards the goal. So,Supervision removes grievances among the employees.

  • Training of Workers

A skilled and experienced supervisor trained his employees and make them more professional under his supervision and build.