Purpose of Supervision

There are many Purpose of supervision. These are following: 

  • To increase productivity of Employees

The main purpose of the supervision is to improve productivity of the employees. Because when the manager show the right direction to the employees then the productivity of the employees will increase.

  • To Motivate Employees

To Motivate the employees is also a big factor of supervision. When the manager give tasks to the employees it increase the productivity and motivation level of employees because manager will give the task with time

  • To Remove grievances of employees

When the employees get motivated and busy on their tasks that time they ignore little grievances with other employees.  Supervision is also include one to one coordination with employees that helps to remove grievances of the employees.

  • To provide right direction to Employees

When the manager talk with employees personally and show them right direction it increase productivity and self-esteem level of the employees.

  • To reduce cost of the products or goods

To reduce the cost of the products is also a big purpose of the supervision. it is the duty of the manager to teach the right method of productivity.