Quality of Good Supervisor

There should be many quality of a good supervisor. But some are the following:

  •  Ability to communicate

A good supervisor should have ability of communication because communication is main thing that should be help the supervisor to ask the problem of the employees and provide them right right feedback.

  • Ability to lead

A good supervisor should have ability to lead the employees because supervisor is the main person who listen the problems of the employees. So, it is essential to have ability to lead.

  • Ability of Listening

listening is a art, if the supervisor is good at listening it reduces the stress of the employees. because it helps the employees to reduces their stress and feel important in the organization.

  •   Sense of responsibility

A supervisor should have a sense of responsibility because the supervisor is the main worker who pushes the low staff to achieve the goal of the organization.

  • Ability to judge subordinates

A good supervisor should have ability to examine the character of the employees. Because if the employees is not good or untrastable, he can share the secrets of the company.