Types of Multinational Corporation

  • Franchising : Franchising is one of the best method to grow the business fastly. In franchising method the host country get the access of using logo and trademark of the company. The Multinational collaborates with host country investors  give them permission to use their name.
  • Branches: In this method the Multinational open its office in different country at different locations. The headquarters give the instructions to the branches. The headquarters frames policies to be followed by the branches. This is the way to operate the branches.
  • Joint Venture : In this method the multinational collaborates with a local company of host country. They start the business in partnership. Generally, the multinational corporations  provide advanced technology and managerial skill to the local company. Local company manages operational activity of the company.
  • Subsidiaries: This is also considered as best method of capturing the local market by the multinationals. In this method, the multinationals owned local well established brands and make their company big power of their industry.