Types of Supervision

Basically, There are three types of supervision. These are following:

  • Democratic Supervision

In this method the manager ask the opinion of the employees in decision making process. Manager acts with mutual consult with employees. This is also known as participative or consultative supervision. This method increase the motivational level of the employees and make sure their presence in the organizations.

  • Autocratic Supervision

In Autocratic Supervision manager do not include the employees in decision making process. Manager takes all the decision alone and guide the employees. This methods helps to handle the situation of misbehavior of employees. This methods also helps to maintain the decorum of the workplace.

  •  Laissez-faire Supervision

In Laissez-faire Supervision method manager give all the right to the employees. Manager do not involve in the decision making process. He gives all the power to the employees to see the coordination level among the employees. This method is also known as  independent supervision.