Characteristics of a Successful Salesman

Characteristics of a Successful Salesman

To be successful, a salesman must possess several qualities of head and heart. It is difficult to give a universal list of such qualities or traits because different situations require different. Nevertheless, the qualities which are commonly found among effective salesman are described under the following heads:

  • Physical Attribute

A successful salesman must have sound health and pleasing personality. His job is arduous and his physique should be sturdy, free from disease and disability of all types. A good personality consists of several attributes such as near appearance, refined tastes, good habits, clear voice, etc.

  • Mental Attributes

A good salesman must have a high degree of intelligence, initiative, flexibility, and imagination. He needs to be intelligent and imaginative enough to understand the customer, quickly and to read his mind accurately. Balanced judgment, self-confidence, tactfulness, poise, and patience are needed to handle the customers according to the requirements of the situation.

  • Social Attributes

A salesman has to deal with different types of customers and should, therefore, have the ability to get along with people of all types. Sociability implies good manners, a liking for people, sense of humor and conversational ability. A good salesman needs to be polite, self-disciplined and courteous.

  • Vocational Attributes

Personal selling is a highly skilled vocational and require ambition, aptitude, and enthusiasm. A good salesman needs to have creative ability, leadership qualities, knowledge, and specialized training. A good salesman must be fully familiar with his firm, its products, and customers, competitors products and selling techniques.