Features of Planning

Features of Planning

Planning is Primary function of management

The primary function of management is planning. We can not do anything without a plan. First, we create a plan. After that, we work to complete the plan.

Planning is Forward looking

We create a plan for the future. Planning is never done for the past. We create a plan after predicting the future. Planning also considers the past experience and current environment.

Planning is continuous

Plan is made for a time a week, a month, or a year. After the period over. Then, we need a new plan. that’s why planning is a continuous process.

Planning involves decision making

When we create a plan. We are actually making decision for future events. Choice from among various alternatives is difficult. The manager needs to make a decision for the firm.

Planning is pervasive

Planning is required at all level. From the top-level to lower level. It needs in every department of the firm.

Planning work for objectives

Planning is made for the fulfillment of firm objective. Planning has no meaning without firm objective.