Objectives of Personal Selling

The main objectives of personal selling are as under :

  1. Creation of Demand: The basic objectives of personal selling is to create demand for a product or service. The salesman personally talks to the customer and explains the utility of the product. He tries to convince the customer so that the customer may buy the product. The salesman induces immediate buying action on the part of the customer.
  2. Handling Objections: Customers express their doubts and objections about the quality of a product. The aim of the salesman is to listen to the grievances customers patiently to solve them so as to retain existing customers and to create new customers.
  3. Exploring Hidden Wants: A salesman studies the hidden desires of customers. He helps them appreciate their needs and take action to satisfy them. In this way, personal selling converts hidden wants into demand.
  4. Education Customers: A salesman informs and educates customers about new products and their uses. He guides the customers in the selection of suitable products.
  5. Building Relationships: Salesman is aimed at developing permanent relationships with customers for the benefits of both the buyers and the sellers.