Types of Personal Selling


The main Types of Personal Selling are as under :

Manufacturer’s Salesmen

These are salesman employed by a manufacturer to sell his products either directly to consumers or to wholesalers and retailers. Such salesman normally carries a limited line of products are possess specialized knowledge of those products. They can be of one following types:

  • Pioneer or Creative Salesman: A pioneer or promotional salesman is responsible for creating and cultivating outlets for a new product. He has to persuade the dealer to handle the new product and to convince people about the desirability of such products.
  • Dealer Servicing Salesman: Such a salesman provides supply and servicer to established dealers of the products. He also provides information and training to the salesperson of dealers. Pharmaceutical manufacturers employ medical representatives to call on physicians, chemists, and hospitals to promote their products.
  • Specialty Salesman: This type of salesman calls upon prospective buyers, explain the utility of the product and persuades them to buy it. He usually handles expensive and durable items like refrigerators, washing machine, air-conditioners, and office equipment.

Wholesaler’s Salesman

This type of salesman represents a wholesaler. He meets and sells to retailers and industrial buyers. He informs them about the availability of various products, helps them in the choice of products and books their orders.

Retailer’s salesman

 This type of salesman interacts with consumers. A retailer’s salesman may be a counter salesman selling goods inside a retail store. He may also be a traveling or outdoor salesman who visits buyers and persuades them to buy.