Explain 8 functions of management?

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Poonam Sharma asked 11 months ago

8 functions of management

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afaq jafri answered 11 months ago

8 function of management are given below

  • planing – planning of future what to do when to do who will do these question are find
  • organizing – It is a process of grouping activities and establishing authority relationships among them.
  • directing – Directing means issuing of order, leading and motivating subordinates as they go about executing orders.
  • staffing – Staffing is the process of filling positions/posts in the organization with adequate and qualified personnel.
  • Motivating- Motivated person persist in learning while a non-motivated person is just temporarily engaged.
  • Co-Ordination– The synchronization and integration Of activities, responsibilities, and command and control structures to ensure that
  • Communicating– Communication is an exchange of facts , thoughts, ideas, and information by two or more
  • Controlling– Controlling is the process of ensuring that actual activities conform to planned activities.
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