QuestionsCategory: QuestionsEXPLAIN ELEMENTS OF DIRECTION.
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Khizer hayat answered 11 months ago

Supervision, communication, motivation and leadership are the important elements of direction.
(a) Supervision:
Supervision implies expert overseeing of subor­dinates -at work in order to guide and regulate their efforts. Every manager has to supervise the work of his subordinates to see that they do their work as desired. Supervision is one important element of the pro­cess of directing.
(b) Communication:
Communication involves exchange of ideas and information in order to create mutual understanding. It is a sys­ thematic process of telling, listening and understanding.
(c) Motivation:
Motivation implies inspiring the subordinates to work with zeal and confidence. No administrative action can succeed unless the subordinates are motivated to contribute their best efforts to the common task
(d) Leadership:
Leadership is the process of guiding and influencing subordinates for the accomplishment of desired goals. It involves the integration of organizational interests with personal goals.

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