Explain importance of directing in points.

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Rajesh Sharma asked 10 months ago

importance of directing in points

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afaq jafri answered 10 months ago

Importance of directing

  • Initiates Action: It helps to initiate action by the people in the organization towards attainment of desired objectives. The employees start working only when they get instructions and directions from their superiors. It is the directing function which starts actual work to convert plans into results.
  • Integrates Employee’s Efforts: All the activities of the organization are interrelated so it is necessary to coordinate all the activities. It integrates the activities of subordinates by supervision, guidance and counselling.
  • Means of motivation: It motivates the subordinates to work efficiently and to contribute their maximum efforts towards the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Facilitates change: Employees often resist changes due to fear of adverse effects on their employment and promotion. Directing facilitates adjustment in the organization to cope with changes in the environment.
  • Stability and balance in the organization: Managers while performing directing function instruct, guide, supervise and inspire their subordinates in a manner that they are able to strike a balance between individual and organizational interests.
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