Explain methods of training in hrm?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsExplain methods of training in hrm?
Nisha Negi asked 12 months ago

methods of training in hrm

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aman kumar answered 12 months ago

there is mainly two type of training in human resource management 
1 on the job training
2 off the job training

  • on the job training it means that the training will provided to the employee while working in the live environment that give some of the good experience. these training can be a Coaching, Internship training, Job instructions and other on the job training give the employee more confidence and experience to work better in the comparative  word 


  • off the job training is mainly for the learning purpose that lead to learn new things. that can be lesson from the Case study from the Business games play a role, show some Lectures for improving knowledge take them to the meeting and for there innovative mind 
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