Explain types of investment in India.

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsExplain types of investment in India.
Vishal Kumar asked 9 months ago

types of investment in India

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afaq jafri answered 9 months ago

4 types of investment are given below

  1. government security – some time government also issue some security for control inflation and sale for control of recession  these are the most secured securities 
  2. secured investment – Theses are the investment which is secured . rate of return is low as the risk is low these can be bank FD, bank deposit govt bank account RD etc
  3. less secured investment – These are less secured but still its secured. rate of return is moderate and risk is also moderate, these can be debenture of a public company and private company
  4. unsecured investment – These are the highly profitable investment . rate of return is high but the risk is also high these can be equity share in a public company
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