is CA good for career?

Questionsis CA good for career?
Reecha asked 1 year ago
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Vicky answered 1 year ago

CA is considered a good career option in India,and it is.But are a lot of options available you can go in Corporate and can start your own startup.

CA Sandeep mishra answered 1 year ago

CA is the the one of the best career option for the commerce student but considering its difficulty make its harder and it will take a lot of time. If you want to go in the core accounting and taxes or its your dream to become a CA then go for it. otherwise check other option also there are many option available for the commerce student other then C.A. C.M.A & C.S. you just need to know what you want to become don’t go for CA just because of earning or salary. first Ask yourself what is good for for you and in what your capabilities¬†¬†

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