what are the six steps of the selection process?

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Pooja Negi asked 9 months ago

what are the six steps of the selection process?

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Khizer hayat answered 9 months ago

The six steps of the selection process :

1. Application in blank: Application in blank is a written formal application submitted by the person in quest of a job. The object of this application in blank is to get the candidate introduced to the interviewer so that he is in a position to prepare himself as to what kind of questions he is to ask to size-up the candidate.

2. References: The candidate is asked to give references of persons that guarantee of his integrity. The number of references may be two or three. The reference relates his character, educational career, past service or experience.

3. Preliminary interview: Interview is, by far the most important part of selection procedure. The panel of experts decides the number of candidates to be called for interview and cards or letters are sent to the candidates well in advance.

4. Psychological testing: Testing represents an additional tool in the kit of selection panel. The psychological tests operate on the common theory that human behaviour can be well forecasted by sampling.

5. Medical examination: Confirmation of physical fitness demands that every promising or likely candidate to be selected is to undergo a medical test. Invariably, everyone in this world is suffering from one kind of disease or the other

6. Final interview: A candidate, who has crossed all the above hurdles, stands on the threshold of final interview or selection. The selection committee has, at its disposal, all the detailed information in terms of qualifications, references, physical and psychological test that helps to come to final decision.


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