What is on the job training methods?

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Abhishek Gupta asked 1 year ago

what is the mean by on job training?

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Khizer hayat answered 11 months ago

 The On-the-Job Training is a technique wherein the workers, i.e., operative staff, is given the direct instructions to perform their jobs on the actual work floor. The workers can learn the skills that are required to be performed in the actual work conditions and also gets accustomed to the working environment. Also, the organizations need not to bear any additional cost of setting up a classroom or a simulated setup for imparting training to the workers, away from the actual work floor, as in the case of Off-the -Job training.

On-the-Job Training Methods

1. Coaching
2. Mentoring
3. Job Rotation
4. Job Instructional Training
5. Understudy
6. Apprenticeship

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