what is the scope of marketing?

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aftab alam asked 12 months ago

what is the scope of marketing?

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aman kumar answered 12 months ago

Marketing has a very wide scope it covers all the activities from a conception of ideas to the realization of profits. Some of the scope of marketing discussed below:

  • Study of consumer wants and needs: Goods are produced to satisfy consumers wants and needs. Therefore study is done to identify consumer needs and wants. These needs and wants motivates a consumer to purchase.
  • Study consumer behavior: Marketers perform a study of consumer behavior. analysis of buyer behavior helps marketer in market segmentation and targeting.
  • Product planning and development: It includes the activities of product research, marketing research, marketing segmentation, product development, determination of attributes, quality and quantity of products.
  • Branding: Branding of products is adopted by many reputed enterprises to make their products popular among their customers and many other benefits. The marketing manager has to take a decision regarding the branding policy, procedures and implementation programs.
  • Packaging: Packaging is to provide a container or wrapper to the product for safety, attraction and easy to use and transportation of the product.
  • people: what people need in the future and what they want not this bridge the gap between future expectations and people need.

These are some scope of marketing.

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