What is Podcast? Importance, Channels

What is Podcast?

The Podcast word was oriented in 2004 by Ben Hammersley. The “Pod” of Podcast is taken from Apple’s “iPod” digital player, and the cast  is taken from Radio’s “broadcast” term. Then Podcast word comes in.

In simple words, Podcast is like demanding Internet radio. That can listen on your mobile phone or computer. That would be in audio or video format. It is a new way of communication. But Podcast is not simple things it takes many hours of training.

iPod+Broadcast = Podcast

Importance of Podcast :

  • You can access the podcast anywhere anytime. you just need internet connectivity and enjoy the advantages of the podcast.
  • Podcast helps the customers as well as business to connect in the authoritative platform.
  • Podcast works for the target audience, i.e if you interested in listening to the inspiring talk, you will find many target and awesome content.
  •  Podcast is less risky and more easy to use.

Some Popular Channels of Podcast :



Google Podcast

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