Advantages & Disadvantages OF Online Marketing


Advantages of Online Marketing

  1.  Helps You to Find Potential Customers- Searching customers through social media platforms is easier and productive. It is important to know more about your target audience. Knowing their interests, needs and preferences will lead to successful marketing strategy. For example- Using Instagram insight on Instagram app, you can see the statistical data of your follower’s age group, gender etc. Through this you can target your audience accordingly.
  2. Cost Effective- This is one of the biggest advantages of online marketing. It is difficult for small and medium size companies to pay for billboards, TV ads, radio ads etc. However there are some strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click(PPC), content marketing etc which are cost friendly.
  3. 24/7 Available Service– Now customers don’t have to wait for the opening of your store to make a purchase. Internet marketing has given them the privilege to browse your website/app at any time. This gives an opportunity to create brand awareness among target customers.
  4. Performance can be Measured- Online tools such as Google analytics, pay per clicks and search engine optimization (SEO) can be used to track leads generated for the particular time being. It makes it easy to interpret results by analysing various trackers like impressions, likes, shares etc.
  5. Maintain After-Sale Relationships- You must take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc to interact with customers. Always thank them after their feedback or suggestions. Also, It helps in building B2B customer relationships.
  6. Open New Market- Social Media acts as a whole new marketing platform, where you can gain customer loyalty and build your brand image. Each satisfied customer can act as a marketer for your company.


  1. Requires Skill & Training-  Being a digital marketer requires lots of learning and training. Digital marketing keeps on changing with the time, so it’s necessary to keep oneself up-to-date with the technologies. SEO, PPC and Google Analytics tools require prior training and assistance.
  2. Enormous Competitors- It is quite challenging to stand out among competitors. If you want to reach out to the global buyers, then you have to face stiff competition as well. Therefore, strategies like customer analytics ability should be designed to deliver a great customer experience. 
  3. Privacy & Security Issues-  The Base of using online marketing is the Internet.  it may bring threat to the privacy of customer databases. Companies must take care of their security system. They must comply with the rules of data protection. An Integrated system should be developed which acts as a shield to protect data from hackers.
  4. Time Consuming- It is not a one day wonder. It requires lots and lots of time to develop a plan and execute that plan. Learning SEO & PPC tools, creating content and implementing strategies takes a lot of time. Building a brand in the eyes of the audience is not an easy task. It takes time to get your brand recognized.
  5. Negative Publicity– Negative comments spread faster than positive one. Even a single bad review about the company may affect the Goodwill of the company. Moreover, online marketing on social media platforms is more riskier. As negative comments come into highlights and get shared rapidly.
  6. Strategies can be Copied- It takes no time to copy your marketing strategy. Piracy can be seen among competitors. Your Marketing campaign and strategies should remain protected from the competitors.