In this course we learn everything about the planning. Planning 1 of 6 FREE Planning 2 of 6 FREE Features of Planning 3 of 6…
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Production Management

In this Free Course you will learn about Concept of Production Management, importance of production management, process of production management, types of production management, nature…
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Multinational Corporation

In this Free Course you will learn about definition of Multinational Corporation,Importance of multinational corporation, Characteristics of multinational corporation, Disadvantages of multinational corporation, Advantages of…
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In this Free Course, you will learn about what is Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship, Importance of Entrepreneurs, Challenges of Entrepreneur, Elements of Entrepreneurship, Qualities of Successful…
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Personal selling

In this Free Course, you will learn about What is personal selling, objectives of personal selling, methods of personal selling, types of personal selling, importance…
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What is Supervision?

In this course you learn about What is Supervision, Importance of Supervision, purpose of supervision, types of supervision, FUNCTIONS OF SUPERVISION, quality of supervisor and many more. What is…
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