Steps in Project Planning

What is Project Planning? Project planning refers to the planning of tasks to be performed for the achievement of objectives. … Read moreSteps in Project…

Methods of Business Forecasting

Meaning of Business Forecasting Business forecasting is a technique of predicting the future trends using historical data. It is an … Read moreMethods of Business…

Methodology of Operation Research

Meaning of Operation Research Operation Research is a process of applying advanced analytical methods for decision making and problem-solving. It … Read moreMethodology of Operation…



In this course, we will learn everything about planning. Course Information Planning 1 of 6 FREE Planning 2 of 6 … Read morePlanning
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Production Management

In this Free Course you will learn about Concept of Production Management, importance of production management, process of production management, … Read moreProduction Management
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Multinational Corporation

In this Free Course you will learn about definition of Multinational Corporation,Importance of multinational corporation, Characteristics of multinational corporation, Disadvantages … Read moreMultinational Corporation
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In this Free Course, you will learn about what is Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship, Importance of Entrepreneurs, Challenges of Entrepreneur, Elements … Read moreEntrepreneurship
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Personal selling

In this Free Course, you will learn about What is personal selling, objectives of personal selling, methods of personal selling, … Read morePersonal selling
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What is Supervision?

In this course you learn about What is Supervision, Importance of Supervision, purpose of supervision, types of supervision, FUNCTIONS OF SUPERVISION, quality of supervisor … Read moreWhat is Supervision?
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