Emergency Issues in Management



Management issues refers to all those matters concerned with contract of employment requiring action, decisions and investigation to be done by employer timely. The issues included in general are performance or appraisal issues, review of pays or awards of other benefits under the employment contract, complaints raised by employee or any complain raised against employee, and period of sick, annual and other leaves issues. Management issues should be checked and resolved by management team of a company on regular basis to ensure continuity and avoiding any obstacle in reaching the desired goals. It not only beneficial for organizational growth but also satisfies as well as the boost the morale of working employees when they see their issues are timely noticed by supervisor.

A good recruitment is not just a one-time process which ends simply the minute a contract is signed by candidate. In order to retain the workforce for longer term, the management need to be well equipped to deal with lots of management and work-related issues that may arise now or during the road ahead. Employer should always try to keep an active communication with its employees, take their views in decision-making, consider their wellbeing, ensure non-discrimination in workplace, providing them training form time-to-time to enhance their skills, etc. All this would definitely work to a great extent in building long-term relationship in between company and its working staff.

Emerging Issues for management 

Some of the common emerging issues/challenges for management are discussed in points given below: – 

  1. Globalization: Globalization of business on rapid scale has brought many challenges for management team of company. It takes place when a company operating in one country expand its activities to other nations across the globe, actively participates in market and giving tough competition to local brands operating in these nations. A lots of transaction take place across nation borders of nation by business enterprise. A product of good quality manufactured in one country can easily reach other country without any barriers nowadays. In order to deal with this increasing global connectivity, manager’s job become quite challenging. They need to change their duties as per the rise in foreign assignments, coping with anti-capitalism backlash, working with distinct culture peoples and overseeing jobs movement to low labor cost nations.
  1. Workforce diversity: Nowadays, peoples in organization are increasingly becoming more heterogenous demographically due to varying population dimensions. There are numerous diversity dimensions but the main one includes age, ethnicity, gender and national origin. A diversified workforce is composed of senior citizens, women, physically disabled peoples etc. Managing this diversity has become a global issue and it is not managed in proper manner. It can eventually lead to difficulty in communication, high turnover and rise in interpersonal conflicts. Therefore, management should try to identify the existing differences among employees and respond them effectively for ensuring employees commitment.  
  1. Development of environmentalism: Managers are also excessively encountering environmental issues nowadays. Major environmental issues comprise of global warming, ozone layer depletion, land, air and water pollution, deforestation and harmful waste. Might be all these issues not a point of interest for organization but these all draws attention of various social, business and political institutions. In North America, Europe and different other parts of world, the green movement to maintain the environmental ecology is increasing day by day. Therefore, this way it is a great challenge in front of present working management to come up with creative ideas for generating profit by not harming the environment. 
  1. Technological development: Technological development is the fastest growing process in today’s time across globe. It consists of techniques, innovation and organized knowledge of carrying out things. With the development in technology, the expectations and aspirations of customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders of organization also increases. It also leads to increased level of competition among suppliers and manufacturers. A modern business always witnesses fast and ever-changing technological developments. Therefore, it is must for managers to develop technological perspective in them. They should timely identify and anticipate technological changes for bringing the market demanded modification in their range of products as well as services.      
  1. Innovation and change: Managers are facing another major challenge regarding innovation of new knowledge and changes in expectation of stakeholders. Change has become a fact in everyone’s life involved in activities of business enterprise on daily basis. Proper handling of such changes is most challenging task in front of management team. These changes may either arise in behaviour or attitude of stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, lenders and competitors. Managers must handle all such changes responsibly in a practical and scientific manner. Focus should be made on enhancing the products quality in order to fulfill customer needs efficiently. In addition to this, manager for harmonizing work environment can deploy various tools within the organization like reward mechanism, developing organizational culture and entrepreneurship.      
  1. Ethics and social responsibility: The social responsibility of business enterprises is growing day by day which is posing great challenge Infront of managers. Ethics is all personal beliefs of person which he/she uses to decide what is wrong and what is right. It gets developed via personal values and moral, experience, situational factors and family. The key ethical concern for managers at present is to be aware that in what manner an organization should treat its employees, how organization will get treated by employees and also in what manner will organization treat other economic agents such as suppliers, customers, unions, competitors etc. Also, employing training, guidelines, codes, culture and leaders for assisting human resource and other economic agents for maintaining the ethical behaviour is part of key managerial function.
  1. Quality and productivity: Quality and productivity are emerging challenges for management team in current scenario. Managers in past were of belief that decreasing the overall quality of products can help them in increasing the output level. But in present, this belief is proved wrong by managers and proved that quality and productivity are both auxiliary to one another. Introduction of quality enhancement program offers 3 broad positive response to management. At first, when the defect numbers will be reduced then it would eventually lead to low defect return from customers end. Secondly, wastage of resources gets minimized due to reduction in defects because when there are no defects, then eventually there is no need to rework on defects which uses resources. And thirdly, when employees are more attentive on maintaining the quality level then need of quality inspectors do not arises which eventually raises the overall organizational efficiency.  
  1. Knowledge management: Management of knowledge has become a power in today’s highly competitive environment. Every organization is expected to offer new thing, new ideas, and creative product as well as services to society. A manager for fulfilling every social expectation must collect ideas and knowledge from each member of organization. For knowledge management, it is must that model manager is flexible and takes into account the situational factors.  
  2. Multi-cultural effects: The people for multiple cultures across the globe have come together because of modern communication and transportation system. Despite of variations in their traditional beliefs, social attitudes, living approaches, religions and values, they come together for reaching their professional and common objectives. These days the involvements of multi-cultural peoples in business enterprise is increasing. A management of company can be categorized as efficient one only is it is able to maintain a well-balanced coordination among professionals from distinct culture.