Concept and Example of Brand Marketing Strategy


Concept of Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand marketing comprises two words: brand and strategy. A brand simply means the Identity of a company. It can be a logo, symbol, music, color, or something else. A brand differentiates your product or services from your competitors and makes its own identity in the minds of people. A brand communicates the core principles, values, missions, visions, and uniqueness of the company to the customers. 

On the other hand, we have marketing which simply means adopting all the measures and techniques to increase the sale of a company, identify the needs of customers and satisfy them, and build a reputation of the company in the market. 

Both the terms are connected to each other as they both try to establish and build the name of the company in the competitive market. But on the very contrary they are also separated from each other. Branding simply communicates who you are while marketing is how efficiently you identify the needs and demands of the customer and satisfy them. 

Both the words brand and marketing together form a new concept of brand marketing which simply means adopting marketing strategies to establish your brand. Let us elaborate on this concept more effectively. 

What is a Brand Marketing Strategy? 

Brand marketing means marketing the product or services of a business through the name of its brand. It is a process in which the business tries to increase the brand’s position in the market through several media channels, campaigns, policies, and a variety of tactics. 

The business uses several marketing techniques such as paid ads, social media marketing, video marketing, SEO, search marketing, native ads, etc to establish the name of the brand solidly and strategically. 

A strong and innovative brand marketing strategy influences the target audience toward the brand’s product or services and helps the business to gain a competitive advantage. 

Examples of Brand Marketing Strategy 

Often some brands establish themselves in the market and some brands are unable to do so. Do you ever consider why? This is because the brand is unable to target the market and fails to communicate with its customer. A brand marketing strategy will not be successful unless it communicates the purpose vision values, positioning personality, and taglines of a company.

There are various examples of efficient brand marketing strategies that are used by some great businesses to establish their brand. Let us have a look at the brand marketing strategy of two famous brands: Tesla and Starbucks. 

Tesla’s brand marketing strategy

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of young and innovative engineers who wanted to develop electric cars and eliminate the use of fuel or engine cars. Tesla believes in making the planet sustainable and purposeful to live. The company has a vision “to accelerate the words transaction to sustainable energy.” 

It believes that by moving towards cars that are pollution free and rely on fossil fuels the earth can be made a better place to live. It efficiently communicates the purpose of its brand to the customers which is to move towards a sustainable world and provide the customer with a reason why they should engage with their brain. Today Tesla is one of the leading brands that every customer knows. 

Starbucks’ brand marketing strategy

Starbucks is one of the brands that everyone knows in this competitive world. It is best known for its coffee which makes it different from all the other brands. The company was started with a vision: “to be the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world.”

Its vision is that where your brand is heading, you can make meaningful decisions every time. It efficiently targeted the customer and told them that the company’s only objective is to become the finest copy maker in the world. It attracts the customer by communicating to them that if you are walking with the brand then you are going to make realistic decisions in their life. 

Nike brand marketing strategy 

Nike is one of the famous brands which is known for its quality products, especially shoes. It was formed in 1964 with a variety of core values suggesting community, sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility. Its mission was very clear it wants to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Today, it is one of the greatest companies offering quality products in the field of sports. 

It has an amazing brand marketing strategy that conveys the brand’s spirit in the shortest way possible. The company uses the tagline “just do it” to develop a spirituous, courageous, and amazing feeling in the minds of its customers. The line represents the brand’s spirit to make impossible tasks possible. This tagline not only develops a spirit among the customer but also makes sure that the customer remembers the brand and its offering as well.