Characteristics of Research Methodology


Meaning of Research

Research is the process of systematic collection and analysis of data to derive useful information and develop a better understanding. It aims at the creation of new facts and figures using the current stock of knowledge. Research process revises or increase the current stock of knowledge by developing creative facts and generates new methodologies, concepts and proper understanding.

These new invention done through research process enhances the problem-solving ability. Every research project consists of a research question which clearly determines the focus for the investigation to be done. Research question is termed as the core of the overall research process. It denotes the interest area for individuals or a group which needs investigation to be done. A research process begins with a research question clearly defining goals and aims of this investigation. This process follows a systematic plan and accordingly proceeds in its operations.

It is practice of inquiring to describe, predict and control the observed phenomenon. Research process consists of two methods namely Inductive and Deductive. Inductive research methods are the one which analyse the observed event in an research. Whereas, Deductive methods are one which verify that observed event. Research has made it easy to face and tackle the various challenges arising today in various fields like medical, defence, academics, science etc. Characteristics of defence are described as given below:

Characteristics of Research Methodology

Characteristics of Research methodology
Characteristics of Research methodology

Systematic Process

Research is a systematic process which focuses on investigating and finding new facts. This process should follow a logical sequence for better result. Every step should go in chronological order and should not be done in haphazard way. All steps follow each other and are interlinked with each other.

Valid and Verifiable

Valid and verifiable conclusion is must for every research project undertaken. Findings of research process should be logical and based on correct and fair information. Researchers collecting various information for analysis purposes should ensure that its source is genuine and accurate. Research is ethical only if it is based on right information. It should be easily verifiable by researcher himself and others.

Cyclical Nature

Research process is cyclical in nature. It starts with a research question defining the main aim of research project and also ends with different question arising out of research conclusion. Many times findings of the research bring several new questions in the mind of people.


Critical study and analysis of available information and methods to be used is a must for performing better research. Researchers should make precise judgement during process free from any drawbacks. They should not be biased and judgemental during performing research. The procedures and method used should be able to withstand critical scrutiny.


Generalization refers to the ability to apply the results to a large portion of the population. In the research term, it simply means how far the finding of research can be applied to the large population. Researcher generally chooses a small sample termed as target population out of whole large population for his analysis and research purpose. This target population is the representative of the whole population and in the same say, sample findings are also termed as the findings of the whole population. Research is called generalizable if the findings of the sample can be applied to any portion or sample of the whole population.