8 Critical Elements of Socio Cultural Environment


What is Socio-Cultural Environment

Socio-Cultural consist of two words. Socio means social environment. Cultural means the culture of the society. The social values and culture of an environment. When the social environment changes it can effect on the firm.

Elements of Socio-Cultural Environment

Elements of Socio-Cultural Environment
Elements of Socio-Cultural Environment

Attitude and Beliefs

Beliefs of a person relate from which society he came from. Attitude means how a person behaves. Beliefs of people matters a lot in order to set up the business. i.e, western clothing is totally different from middle east outfits.


Demographics is about the characteristics of the population. It includes the income of a family, area, age, society and etc.


Which religion person belong effects the buying behavior. Religion influences food habits, dress, and traveling.


Language is a medium of communication. what you speak relates to your background. Language effect your relations.


Education leads to the person to communicate an idea and thought. An educated person knows the value of discipline to do what is right.

Family Structure 

The family structure includes the people who are considered part of the family and the quality of the relationships among them.

Social organization

In a Social organization, it made for fun and some small work. it may be in the form of the group in the office. Circle of friends. The social groups are the most influencing power. Cause we get a habit from our group. That also influences the Socio-Cultural Environment.

Class structure

It can be classified into upper, middle, lower. It reflects income, occupation, education an area of residence. Upper class means high earning people. Lower class eans low earning people.

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