Examples of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management is a process of managing the relationship between business & customers. It is a technique used by businesses to create better & long term relations with customers.

CRM is one of the important method used nowadays to increase the customer base. It helps in getting all the required information from target customers easily. The information collected helps in understanding the customer’s behaviour.

Examples of Customer Relationship Management

Examples of Customer Relationship Management
Examples of Customer Relationship ManagementS

There are different CRM solutions available in the market as per your needs. All these solution differs in their specifications & pricing models. Some of the examples of CRM solutions by functions are discussed below:

Sales CRM

This CRM solution is concerned with selling activities of the organisation. It aims at making sales effective with better customer satisfaction. Seeing today’s competition, selling today is one of the complex tasks for business.

Business should be able to provide a better experience to customers while selling processes. It requires proper interaction with marketing & management departments, & other relevant departments.

Sales process should be efficient to optimize your sales. Pipedrive CRM is an example of sales CRM. This CRM solution focuses on the sales function. Pipedrive provides a proper interface for interacting with your business. It helps in the conversion of leads into sales.

Social CRM

Social CRM is a CRM solution that is concerned with managing brand image over social media. The growing competition over social platforms created the need for establishing image over social media. Today customers are controlling brand conversations over social media.

Brand needs to show its presence on social media to successfully acquire & retain customers. Best example of Social CRM is ZOHO CRM. ZOHO provides better options to manage social media marketing. It provides features like Twitter, Facebook & Google + interactions.

Also with its premium plans, you can easily capture leads from Facebook & Twitter itself. It makes it easy for tasks like social posts & conversations. Addressing customer queries online also becomes easy.

General CRM

The general CRM solution includes all basic features of businesses. This CRM helps the business in basic operations. General CRM solutions fulfil the needs of different business organisations ranging from small to big organisations.

They perform a wide range of activities. The main activities supported by these CRM are Reporting & dashboards, Sales Analytics, Sale Force Automation & contacts management. Salesforce CRM is the best example of General CRM.

It supports various functions like cloud computing, mobile technologies & internet. It is part of the sales cloud & manages the whole sales space.

Fully Integrated CRM

This CRM solution supports the overall performance of the business. It facilitates the functions like sales, marketing & various other support tools at one place. There are different software’s integrated at one place in these solution supporting different functions.

Handling marketing leads & campaign are done by one software, post-sale complaints are handled by another one & many more. This way different software performs different functions. An example of fully integrated CRM is Freshsales.

It is software that unifies sales, marketing & various support tools in one platform. It is one that covers the entire customer journey ranging from campaigns to customer complaints.

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