What is Marketing?

Marketing is a process of making aware the consumers about the products and services of the business. Marketing helps the business to market its products and services. Marketing includes the advertising, selling and delivering of products to consumers.

Importance of marketing in an organization

Helps to Increase Goodwill of the Products

When the company starts marketing of products or services. it helps them to create the goodwill of products or services. Which also helps the company to increase sells of other products as well.

Helps to Increases Sales

When the company established goodwill of the products then the sales of the products increase automatically. because that time customers know the benefits of the products which creates a force to buy the products.

Helps to Build Relationships

Marketing helps the business to create relationships with customers. Marketing plays a very significant role in building a relationship with customers. if the business is able to make relationships with customers,its helps them to get retain customers.

Marketing Creates Employment

When the company starts marketing of the products or goods, they need people who will go to the market and tell the advantages of the products. So, marketing helps to create employment in the society.

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