5 Marketing Management Orientations

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is a process of managing the marketing process of company products. Every company has a different strategy for the customer, for example, a company produces on a large scale that reduces the per-unit cost that will help in sales, and another company focuses on the quality product which leads to sales of that product.

Marketing management orientations
Marketing Management Orientations

5 Marketing Management Orientations

Production Concept

This is the oldest concept of marketing under this concept the company focus on production whatever they produce that is sold in the market. In this concept, they don’t focus on what customers need. large production means the product so cheap and affordable that it will be sold in the market. The main disadvantage of this concept is that the customer not always purchase the easy and cheap available product

Product Concept

production concept focuses on the better quality of the product. As they think the better product means the customer buys the product easily. But the companies do not care about the customer need and want. They produce the product as the best of there knowledge.
The company thinks that the good quality of the product will be sold easily but in reality, the only quality of the product does not matter that much the price is also matter

Selling Concept

In selling concept the marketers think that the production and quality of the product do not lead to the sale so they start attracting the customer towards them. The product needs to be sold by the salesman.
But the sales of the product does not mean the long term growth as the product is sold force-fully and the uses of that product are not good that lead the decrease in the reputation of the company in the market

Marketing Concept

In the marketing concept, companies start to focus on the customer need and what customer wants and how to satisfy their need. The company stops selling those products what they produce they change the production according to the customer need and wants. This is the first concept for the long term growth of the company. The company focus on the long term profit and survival in the market but the drawback of this concept there is no attention is paid to social welfare

Societal Marketing Concept

In this concept, the company focus on the satisfaction of the customer but also the society will accept it or not. Focus on future generations’ use of resources on the ground they start the use of solar power form the thermal power because of renewable energy.
i.e, the company produce gas stove the uses less LPG which will help in customer satisfaction and social welfare because it makes less pollution nowadays the Societal Marketing Concept is used by the marketers and some firm use the marketing concept. But the government force the company uses the Societal Marketing Concept by making rules for CSR (corporate social responsibility)

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