What are the characteristics of a money market?

QuestionsWhat are the characteristics of a money market?
Deepak Goyal asked 1 year ago
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Akshaj Singh answered 1 year ago
The characteristics of money market are listed below: * Short-term maturity period - usually one month or less; * Liquidity - it's easy to buy or sell securities in the money market; the secondary trading of these assets is very active; there are many investors who are willing to buy and sell these assets on an everyday basis.  
Nikhil Rawat answered 1 year ago
Money market is an investment vehicle that has a maturity of one year or less. The main features of money market funds are that it is a type of mutual fund that invests primarily in short-term, high-quality debt securities. It typically have a maturity period of one year or less and are usually liquid.  
Priya Vishwas answered 1 year ago
The money market is a type of financial market. It is a place where people can buy and sell short-term debt instruments such as cash, treasury bills, and commercial paper. The money market is the most liquid financial market in the world. It provides liquidity to investors who need short-term investments that are not affected by changes in interest rates. The money market is also referred to as the capital markets because it functions as an intermediary between savers and borrowers by providing liquidity for investors with funds to invest.