What are the qualities of an HRD manager?

QuestionsWhat are the qualities of an HRD manager?
Akshaj Singh asked 2 years ago
3 Answers
Priya Vishwas answered 2 years ago
HRD manager's efficiency is the main factor that determines the quality of HRD activities undertaken in the organisation. HRD managers should be competent in plan and layout the HRD activities in favour of the organisation as well as the employees taking part in these activities. The activities should aim at potential growth on a long-term basis. The HRD manager should be future and goal-oriented and should tag along with the employees in these activities.
Deepak Goyal answered 2 years ago
The activities should be well communicated to the employees in the right way. the communication skills of the manager affect the outcome of the activities undertaken in an organisation. HRD managers should be a good leader and advocate the activities professed by them in the organisation. He must clearly know what he is doing in the organisation and possess the necessary technical skills.
Nikhil Rawat answered 2 years ago
The HRD manager should possess management skills and build confidence among the employees working under him. he should make sure that the employees are not left out and that they are also considered while taking decisions regarding the working of the organisation. The HRD manager helps in identifying the potential minds of the organisation and invests responsibility in them which will impart a sense of belongingness for them in the organisation and will increase their efficiency.