Why is there a need for retirement planning?

QuestionsWhy is there a need for retirement planning?
Nikhil Rawat asked 1 year ago
3 Answers
Priya Vishwas answered 1 year ago
There is a need for retirement planning as it helps to meet various goals such as housing, investing, and various others.    Also, it helps to fight against inflation and survive in difficult times.   
Akshaj Singh answered 1 year ago
Retirement planning helps you to survive as well as take care of your family.  The need for retirement benefits arises in medical emergencies, inflations, financial securities, making investment in assets, etc.  
Deepak Goyal answered 1 year ago
There are many reasons why people need retirement planning. The main reason is that people's financial status needs to be taken care of before they retire. After retirement, the income from such services is a major source of survival.