Scope of Marketing Research

Meaning of Marketing Research

Marketing research is a process of analyzing and conducting research about the market to understand market trends. It involves proper collection, analysis and interpretation of information regarding market conditions. Marketing research is mainly conducted to identify changes in preferences and behaviour of customers arising from the change in market mix elements viz. promotion, place, price and product. It may be defined as the mechanism which helps in linking the customers, producers and several other end users to the marketer and help in finding and communicating of all required information.

Marketing research plays an important role in studying consumer behaviour. It is very efficient tool for the marketers to understand the trends of the market that mainly consists of information relating to new product launch in the market, trends in consumer demand, pricing strategy of the competitor and available close substitutes of the product.

Marketing research companies easily identify what their customers want which helps in developing product of their use so that competitive advantage over other competitors can be maintained in the market. It helps in finding out the target market and interacts directly with potential customers to get valuable feedback and suggestion.

These all information acquired through this process enables in smooth functioning of the marketing process. Scope of Marketing Research process in business can be well-understood as given below:

Scope of Marketing Research

Scope of Marketing Research
Scope of Marketing Research

Determines Customer Behaviour

Market research helps the organisation in understanding the behaviour of customers. It performs research and acquires data like age, gender, income, likes, dislikes etc. related to customers. All this data provided to an organisation helps them in developing the right product as to satisfy their wants. Marketing research helps organisations in understanding the needs and wants of customers and thereby accordingly formulates their production policies.

Provide Valuable Data

Effective decision making of any organisation depends entirely on the quality of information available with it. Marketing research supplies all important information about the market to the management team. It keeps organisation aware of market factors like demand, supply, competition, technological changes, consumer behaviour etc. All this information is vital for strategic decision making. Managers frame all their organisation policies in accordance with data supplied by marketing research.

Helps in Sales Forecasting

Marketing research support business activities by forecasting sales using different techniques. Producing and maintaining an optimum level of inventory in the organisation is a challenging task in front of every product manager. Producing goods in accordance with demand helps in reducing risk and raising profit. Over producing and under-producing of goods adversely affects the business. Marketing research forecasts sales using sale force estimate method, sale force method, jury method etc. and supplies data to the organisation. This helps in framing production policies accordingly.

Lower Business Risk

Marketing research plays an important role in reducing business risk and raising the revenue of the business organisation. It helps businesses in carrying on their operations in accordance with market requirements. The business acquires all current data and generalized information about market trends. All decisions are taken in order to focus on the customer’s current demands and thereby producing the right product. This results in avoiding resources of organisation and lowering risk.

Evaluate Market Performance

Market performance has an effective role in developing a good image of the business in the market. Marketing research helps the business in evaluating its performance in the market and taking action accordingly to improve it. It checks the effects of product, price, brand name, packaging etc. on sales volume. Marketing research studies the customer response towards company products in the market and provides all data. It evaluates and helps in choosing best pricing policies, distribution channel and advertising techniques which help in improving the market performance.

Facilitates Introduction of New Products

Marketing research enables the business to examine and introduce their new products in the market. It enables to conduct testing of new products in small or local markets initially and studies consumer reaction towards it. This helps the business in understanding the deficiencies and problem in their product. They can accordingly overcome these issues and develops an efficient marketing mix for their product. All these helps in minimising the risk involved in the launching of a new product. 

Choose Best Promotion Techniques

Selection of proper promotional techniques is a must for increasing the sales of a business. Marketing research helps business in deciding suitable promotional and marketing programmes for their products. It helps the business in understanding the customers’ needs and behaviour.

Accordingly, promotional techniques are designed and implemented which displays the keys wants of customers as the product features. It has an influencing and long-lasting effect on customers and helps in attracting more of them. Marketing research increases the sales of a business by choosing the best promotional measures.

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