What are the 6 brand-building strategies?


Meaning of Brand Building

Brand building refers to a term that involves creating a brand’s awareness on a wider scale using distinct strategies and tactics of marketing. It is a step-by-step process that focuses on developing a long-lasting impression of a company in people’s minds. Brand-building employs tools such as promotional strategies and advertising campaigns in order to enhance brand equity. It is a crucial aspect that enables a business organization in communicating its presence to the target audience. This strategy brings clients closer to the brand and provides them with better value. All efforts of brand building are directed towards creating a unique image of business in the market. 

A brand is composed of a name, logo, theme, and design or combination of all these elements. Each of these elements provides identity to your products and services thereby differentiating you from the rest of the market competitors. A brand is regarded as a visual voice of a company that needs to be consistent on each of the media platforms. Building a brand is time-consuming as well as a consistent process that needs a lot of creativity and customization to come out with a unique value proposition. This enhanced value assists in providing a good experience to customers. 

Steps in Brand building Process
Steps in Brand building Process

Steps in Brand building Process

Following are the main steps that need to be considered by company while building up their brand: – 

Determine the target audience

The very first step involved in building up a right brand is recognizing your target audience in market. Whenever a company is building its brand, it should keep in mind that it is targeting with its communication. Identification of target audience assist in tailoring the mission in best possible manner which meets all of their requirements.

More focus should be made on creating all campaigns in accordance with the needs of customer in order to reach a successful brand building. A communication should be decided in such a manner which delivers your message properly to your target audience. It is must to filter your audience on certain criteria like age, demography, behavior and interest. This will enable in targeting the niche into segment. 

Define brand mission

Brand mission is basically the purpose for which a company is existing in market. The vision and mission statement clearly depicts the cause of your business existence. This serves as an adequate guide during the whole process of branding across channels. Always the efforts should be made on creating and presenting an authentic image for which your company is striving.  

The missions of a company should be articulated across every channel for setting the path of your communication. Every element starting from your logo to tagline, the communication should be such which clearly reflects your mission. There are three questions that need to be noticed by every company which are: The reason behind your business startup, what are your goals and who all are your target audience. 

Perform research regarding competition

It means properly analyzing the actions of your competitor’s in market. You should find out what all they are offering to the customers. Proper idea of competitors strategy helps a lot in coming out with a more meaningful brand for company. This enables in paying more attention on creating difference in your range of products, making them better from other available options. 

In case if there are large no. of competitors operating in market, then a branding process can be twisted with an exclusive communication strategy. 

Following points should always be remembered: – 

  • Proper research should be done regarding competitor’s USPs.
  • Try to convince your audience that why you are the best.
  •  Keep knowing about your competitors’ actions.
  • Try to bring uniqueness and differentiate yourself from others.

Create value propositions

Developing a unique and adequate value proposition should always be the top priority for every brand in order to stand out. The value proposition enables a business in setting itself apart from its competitors. There is large no. of brands existing in today’s period of time. Therefore, you need to necessarily convey to audience how you are distinct from others. 

Always make sure that in each and every marketing communication where you are driving across channels, you are including the value proposition. This is termed as a key step for reaching out to a successful and well-established brand. Like, PayPal at present is one of the India’s best payment solutions provider. This is because distinct payment solutions are loaded with SSL security features and zero fees for set-up.

Determine brand guidelines

The brand guidelines are simply the rules which provide guidance on how to interact with target audience. It depicts the accent of your brand. These guidelines help to a greater extent in making the brand more recognizable in market. Also, it is much needed for attaining the consistency across channels. 

A great attention must be paid by company in developing its brand guidelines. They set a specific pattern for each of the visual elements such as templates, logo, theme and color which all structure the tone of your brand.  

Market your brand

A specific market strategy is much needed in order to market your brand properly. It should be applied in every part of communication ranging from packaging to stationary, website to marketing collateral and all. The brand needs to be displayed at as many spaces as possible. 

Efforts should be made on mass promotion of brand via recognizing new channels like web, email and affiliates. The unexpected places such as office goodies, t-shirts of employees and social media pages run by you should also be utilized for publicizing your brand. 

The Brand building process is all- time running process in which different activities need to be carried out as per the need of hour. The above-mentioned steps are somewhat the standardized procedure we need to follow. Following these steps will definitely help a business enterprise in standing out among competitors. It serves a key mechanism for highlighting the uniqueness among target audience in order to attract them toward a brand’s product and services.