Features of Public Limited Company


What is Public Limited Company?

A public company is a company which issued securities through initial public offering and has an operation of securities at least one stock exchange or over the counter market.
Public companies are publicly traded within the open market and a variety of investors. In Public offering, every kind of investors has opportunities to buy the shares of the company.

Features of Public Limited Company

Number of Members

According to Companies Act, 2013 the minimum number of member to start a company is 7 and there is no restriction for maximum numbers of partners.

Number of Directors

The minimum of directors is required in public company is three and the maximum numbers of directors are 15 fifteen.

Limited Liability

Every partner has limited liability in public company. if the company suffers from loses the partners do not need to sell their personal assets.


Prospectus is a detailed statement of the company affairs which is issued by a company for its public.