Direction – Importance, Principle, and Elements in Management


Meaning of Direction

Direction may be defined as the function of management which is related to instructing, guiding and inspiring human factor in the organization to achieve organizational objectives. The direction is an important factor to make management effective. Direction makes business’s plan into real actions. it converts planning into real actions.

  • Meaning of Direction
  • Importance of Direction
  • Principle of Direction
  • elements of Direction

Importance of Direction in Management

Direction is an Important managerial function

The direction is an important managerial function. Because it helps the management to achieve their goals. Direction appoints right person at right time and give them responsibilities to achieve organisations and personal goals.

Directions is a continuous process

Direction is a continuous process. Direction works until the organizations wind up because once organizations getting works, till then direction will be run automatically. It involves continuous supervision, advice, counseling and assisting the subordinates in the performance on their jobs.

Achieves goals and objective

Direction helps to achieve the goals and objective of the organizations in effective ways. It is through the effective direction that an organization achieve their missions in less time with effective approach. So, it is essential to business goals.

Essentials for motivation

Direction helps to be motivated because it creates the force to do work on time. Direction sets the goals for employees and force them to achieve within deadline. i.e, if an manager directs his employees for the work, it creates pressure among the employees to achieve short and long term goal of the company.

Need at all level

Direction is essential for all level of the organization from top-level executives to entry-level executives. Because it starts from top-level, they create policies and direct it, the middle level they monitor the policies and lower level implements the policies.

Principle of Direction in Management

Unity of Command

Direction sets the principles for employees to receive orders from a single superior, not from all of them. if the employees receives commands from many superior it will create chaos, confusions, and problems for employees and ultimately lose of the organization goal.

Effective Leadership

Leadership is the most important principle in effective direction. An effective leadership guides and counsels his subordinates on work problems as well as on their personal problems. The manager should have the Ability to lead because it is essential to effective direction.

Managerial Communication

Principles of managerial communications says that with the help of downward communication order passes to subordinates. It clearly explains the duties of his subordinates are working.

Use of Informal Organisation

Managers should understand the importance of informal groups and accept and use the informal organization to support the formal channels of communication of the organizations.

Elements of Direction in Management


Supervision means when senior employees of the organization guiding, commanding and regulating the efforts of employees towards the goals. it direct involves personal contact with the employees. Supervision is most important for the execution of plans.


Communication means the transfer of information from one to another person and it involves the interchange of information and thoughts create mutual understanding between sender and receiver. it creates a flow of the information, from the top-level to low level and low level to top level. So communication involves a continuous process.


According to Keith Davis, “Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. It is a human factor which binds a group together and motivates it towards goals.” Leadership process consists of three factors—leader, the follower, and other variables.


Motivation means when someone creates an inner force for doing work and increase willpower of doing work. Everyone should clearly understand that motivation is the psychological process. A effective manager should know the process of motivation and how will employees be motivated. Because it helps to create better workplace and improves productivity.