Importance of Motivation in Management


Meaning of Motivation in Management

Motivation may be defined as the process of inducing or inspiring people to take the desired course of action. It means a process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals. Motivation is concerned with how behaviour gets started , is energised , sustained , directed and stopped. Motivation has close relationship with the behaviour of human beings. It explains how and why the human behaviour is caused.

Definition of Motivation

According to WILLIAM G. SCOT “ Motivation means a process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals.”   

According to Robert Dubin ” Motivation is the complex of forces starting and keeping a person at work in an organisation . Motivation is something that moves the person to action , and continues him in the course of action already initiated . “

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Importance of Motivation in Management

Increase Productivity

The workforce will be better satisfied if management provides them with opportunities to fulfil their physiological and psychological needs. Motivation helps the organization to increase the productivity of the employees because when employees get motivated they work hard to reach the goal of the organization. So, motivation helps to increase the productivity of the employees. 

Continuous Process

Motivation is a dynamic and continuous process. Motivation is an ongoing process because if the company is running so it needs motivation to boost the power of their employees and provide them proper training and knowledge, So they are able to contribute to the progress of the organisation.

Builds Friendly Relationship

Motivation is an important factor that brings satisfaction to the employees. This can be achieved by providing them with Monetary and non-monetary incentives, Promotion opportunities for employees, this kind of activities help the organization to build better workplace for employees. So, motivation builds a friendly relationship.

Improvement in Quality and Quantity

Motivation inspires employees to make best possible use of different factors of production. There will be an increase in the quantity and quality of products . Wastage and scrap will be less. Better quality of products will also increase the public image of the business.

Improve Employees Growth

Motivation leads to job satisfaction of workers. It also helps the employees to improve their personal growth. because when employees work hard they become more skilled which increase their own value.

Remove Grievances

The number of complaints and grievances will come down. Because when employees are motivated they ignore personal grievances with each other and work for the goal. And the accident rate will also be low. 

Principles of Motivation in Management

Principle of Participation

Participation involves communication of the employees,when employees participate in communication it brings loyalty into employees. They feel that they are working for their own organization.

Principle of Communication

Communication helps the employees to remove grievances and make sure goal of the organizations. if the employees communicate with managers it helps them to boost their willpower and to do work hard to reach the goal.

Principle of Delegated Authority

When the employees start taking a decision this helps the employee’s motivation and they develop a sense of belonging,this leads to more efficiency.