What is Motivation ? Importance, Principles, Techniques

What is Motivation?

Motivation is willpower which creates a force and pushes the men to do work or do more afford to achieve the goal. Motivation is an important pillar for any organization. it helps the organization to reach their goal.

  • Motivation means a process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals.
                                                                                               —WILLIAM G. SCOT
  • Motivation refers to the way in which urges, desires, aspirations, strivings and needs direct control or explain the behavior of human beings.
                                                                                                  —D.E. Mc Farland


1. Increase productivity;

Motivation helps the organization to increase the productivity of the employees because when employees get motivated they work hard to reach the goal of the organization. So, motivation helps to increase the productivity of the employees.

2. Motivation is a continuous process

Motivation is a dynamic and continuous process. Motivation is an ongoing process because if the company is running so it needs to motivate to boost the power of their employees. So motivation is a continuous process.

3.Builds a friendly relationship

Motivation is an important factor that brings satisfaction to the employees. This can be achieved by providing them with Monetary and non-monetary incentives, Promotion opportunities for employees, Disincentives for inefficient employees. So, motivation builds a friendly relationship.

4. Increased employee commitment

When employees are motivated to work, They work hard to reach the goal of the organization.

5. Help to improve employees growth

Motivation helps the employees to improve their personal growth. because when employees work hard they become more skilled which increase their own value.

6. Remove Grievances

When employees motivated they ignore personal grievances with each other and work for the goal.so motivation removes grievances.

Principles of Motivation

Principle of Participation—

Participation involves consultation with subordinates in matters relating to
their jobs. Participation brings loyalty on the part of employees. They feel that they are working for their own organization.
2. Principle of Communication—

Communication helps employees understand the complications of motivational system. Motivation to accomplish results tends to increase as people are informed about matters
affecting those results.

3. Principle of Delegated Authority—

Motivation to accomplish results tend to increase as people are
given authority to make decisions affecting those results. In this process, people develop sense of belongingness,this leads to more efficiency.