What is Supervision in Management

What is Supervision?

Supervision means when senior employees of the organization guiding, commanding and regulating the efforts of employees towards the goals.it direct involves personal contact with the employees. Supervision is most important for the execution of plans.

Importance of Supervision


Help to Improve Leadership

Supervision helps the organization to improve the leadership quality of the employees because when a manager or senior employees got a task they do everything to achieve the goal. which makes the organization productive.

Help to be Motivated

When employees work in a single line it helps the employees to be motivated because the manager or senior employees provide works in a continuous manner which helps the employees to get motivated.

Improve Communication

Supervision improves communication between the low employees and management employees because when employees work under the supervision they provide information regularly.which creates a bond between low and high-level employees. So supervision improves communication.

Supervision Improve Group Unity

Supervision improves and maintains the group unity among the employees because the supervisor regularly removes grievance among the employees and sort out internal differences and maintain decorum among the workers.

Training of Workers

A skilled and experienced supervisor trained his employees and make them more professional under his supervision and build.

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Supervisor Qualities and Responsibilities

Knowledge of Technical Competence

A good supervisor should have knowledge of technical stuff because, for supervisor, he has to manage many workers under him so for their solutions technical knowledge is necessary.

Managerial Skill

A supervisor is a person who manages the people and gives their tasks to the right people at the right time and helps the worker to remove their conflict and problems.

Leadership Qualities

A supervisor should have the ability to lead to grow his team and make the worker get motivated because supervisor implements the plan to achieve the goal. So a good supervisor should have the ability to lead.

Initiative Ability

A supervisor should have the ability to take initiative and explore a new world of opportunity because it is necessary for the supervisor to provide new ideas and new to explore the opportunity to his employees.

Sense of Responsibility

A supervisor should have a sense of responsibility because the supervisor is the main worker who pushes the low staff to achieve the goal of the organization.

Responsibilities of a Supervisor

  • To Manage employees work.
  • To remove grievance among the employees.
  • To provide the right feedback to the managers.
  • To co-ordinate between upper and lower management.

Functions of Supervision in Management

  • To issue orders and explain the whole management plans to workers
  • To establish the decorum make sure rule and regulations.
  • To maintain discipline and decorum among the workers.
  • To supply of latest data to administrations
  • To provide tools, machines, etc.
  • To recommend pay increases, promotions, transfers, etc.

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