Nature and Scope of Advertising Management


Meaning of Advertising Management

Advertising Management is a managerial process aimed at managing the advertising activities of organization. It is one through which company’s monitor and controls their advertisement programs for attracting target audience. This is a process which uses different kind of media for selling company products.

Advertising management is important process as it has an important role in developing better image of companies in market and increases their customer base. Without a proper advertising strategies and management processes, all marketing campaigns and promotions may go in vain.

Advertisement management process requires many steps to be followed to derive better results from advertisement activities. These steps include deciding advertising objective, setting advertising budget and strategies for doing campaigns, recognizing target audience, creating effective message and also measuring overall efficiency of whole advertisement activities. It continuously monitors the various promotional activities from time to time and take necessary steps if found necessary to ensure better results. 

Nature of Advertising Management

Defines target market

Advertising management process recognizes and selects target audience in market to be approached by business. It formulates plans as per the target customers for selling products to them.

Sets advertisement budget

It sets the overall budget for carrying out all advertisement activities by business. Advertising management oversee all promotional activities and ensure that all expenditure remain within the allocated budget.

Tells promotional message

Advertising management designs the promotional message to be circulated for attracting the customers. It creates strategies regarding what companies will say to their customer for introducing and selling their products to them.

Chooses media strategy

Choosing the right source of media is must for efficient promotion of products. It makes plans how companies will reach its customers. Advertising management chooses the right type of media available for effective marketing of business products.

Measures advertisement effectiveness

Advertising management technique monitors the performance of various advertisement strategies adopted by business. It replaces or adopts new methods of promoting the products if any of the implemented strategies is found to be ineffective.

Nature and Scope of Advertising Management
Nature and Scope of Advertising Management

Scope of Advertising Management

Introduces new products

It helps in introducing new products of companies in market. Advertising management through managing all advertising activities induce people to know about or try new products. 

Create wide awareness

Advertising management enables in creating wide awareness of brand products among audience. It is one through which company communicates all information regarding features, uses and advantages of product in market.

Increase sales

This process has a significant role in bringing up the sales of business organizations. Advertising activities facilitates mass sales for companies by reaching out to large customers and convincing them for buying it.

Enhances goodwill

Managing of all advertisement activities results in improving the brand’s image in market. It is the means through which companies show their presence among audience. Customers consider those brands superior that spend more on keeping them aware of their products.

Persuades customers

It assists in bringing more and more customers to business. Advertising management focuses on attracting large people by circulating well defined promotional message among customers. It convinces them to purchase the brand products by explaining them all benefits. 

Faces competition

Advertising management process helps in facing the tough competition in market. There are large numbers of brand available selling same variety of products. Advertising activities enables business in differentiating their products among customers by explaining them all features and benefits over the other available products.

Generate employment

It has also led to generation of large number of employment opportunities in country. There are many people who are working in various advertisement agencies. Companies pay fees to these agencies for promotion of their products.