Purpose and Importance of Recruitment Process


Meaning of Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a process concerned with searching, finding and hiring the most competent candidates for various job positions within the organization. It is a process which is meant for filling up the vacant job positions within the company. Strong recruitment process of an organization enables in acquiring right peoples for right positions at a right time. It attracts competent workforce and motivates them to apply for available job positions. Process of recruitment differs from organization to organization as per their nature and size of operations.

Successful recruitment process is one that is cost-efficient and reduces the time of hiring qualified employees. This process is one of the key function of Human Resource Management. There are basically two sources of recruitment process: Internal sources (from within the organization) and External sources (from outside the organization).

Purpose of Recruitment process

Determine present and future needs

Recruitment process is the one that enable organization in determining its current and future needs of workforce. It performs a systematic analysis of business activities that helps in detecting a right number of required personnel. 

Ensure uninterrupted business activity

The process of recruitment ensure continuity of business operations without any interruptions. It supplies all needed human resource to business on a regular basis for various job positions. Recruitment process hires individual from distinct sources to fulfill the requirements of organization.

Assist in enhancing success rate

This process has an efficient role in increasing the success rate of selection process carried out by company. It organizes all job applications and aims at reducing the number of under-qualified and exaggerated job applicants. Only the applications of qualified personnel are taken forward for further selection process.

Increase in job pool

Recruitment aims at creating a large pool of competent personnel to select the most appropriate one. This process attracts large peoples and motivates them to apply for available job positions in an organization.

Improves cost Effectiveness

It focuses on reducing the overall expenses and time involved in hiring the right employees. Recruitment in a well-planned and systematic process which gives a proper description of job position to a high number of people. Giving an appropriate job description attracts large group of candidates at lower cost.

Provide credibility to an organization

Strong recruitment process provides credibility to a business organization. It determines the reliability of job vacancies and gives reflection of business professionalism and legitimacy. Adoption of proper application procedure by business organization will help in boosting the confidence of candidates applying for job positions.

Importance of Recruitment Process

Attracts more and more candidates

Process of recruitment attracts more and more candidates for applying to job vacancies in a company. It gives clear description of job positions available to candidates and induce them to apply for the vacancies in organization.

Fil up the position with right candidates

This process is serve as an important source for getting talented and skilled workforce. Companies get access to a large pool of candidates from which they can easily choose the most suitable candidates possessing the key skills required for distinct job positions. This way they are able to place right person at right place which leads to enhance their overall performance. 

Link employer with employee

It serves as a medium for linking employer with employees by bringing a large number of candidates within the organization. Recruitment process is responsible for advertising about company’s job vacancies. It informs peoples about hiring process and this way employer come in contact with large number of employees for choosing the most appropriate one.

Provide a backup

Providing a backup of human resource to organization is another important advantage of recruitment process. Every organization has a fear of its workforce leaving their job positions in middle of project that may bring heavy losses. Recruitment process solve this issue easily by keeping a backup of well candidates and prepares them to begin performing right away in the organization.

Plays a role in organizational growth

Recruitment process have a pivotal role in enhancing the overall organization growth. It ensures continuity to business operations by supplying right candidates at right time on a regular basis. Organization get best-suited candidates for job positions which deliver their roles in efficient way thereby leads to promote organizational growth.