What are the 4 principles of investment?

QuestionsWhat are the 4 principles of investment?
Priya Vishwas asked 9 months ago
3 Answers
Deepak Goyal answered 9 months ago
There are four principles of investment that any investor should be aware of. These principles are diversification, risk management, the time value of money, and inflation. In order to successfully invest in stocks, it is important to understand what these principles consist of.
Akshaj Singh answered 9 months ago
In order to invest in a company for higher return, one should be aware of the principles of investment. These are precautions, long-term goals, knowledge, and risk management.   
Nikhil Rawat answered 9 months ago
The following are the four principles of investing: 
  • Create meaningful goals
  • Consider the risk element.
  • Define long-term objectives, and
  • Buy at low, sell at high.