What are the various tools used to analyze a portfolio?

QuestionsWhat are the various tools used to analyze a portfolio?
Deepak Goyal asked 1 year ago
3 Answers
Akshaj Singh answered 1 year ago
Portfolio analysis tools are used to analyze a portfolio and identify areas for improvement. They are typically used by job seekers to help them improve their portfolios and get better interview opportunities. There are numerous good portfolio analysis tool such as:
  • Arithmetic mean which is calculated by deriving average of all variable in a series 
  • Sharpe ratio which is featured in calculating excess return over risk 
  • Alpha which is used to measure performance
Nikhil Rawat answered 1 year ago
A portfolio is a collection of work that showcases the skills and abilities of a creative professional. It is important to have a portfolio because it can help you land your dream job, show off your work to potential employers, and make it easier for you to get hired. There are various tools for portfolio analysis. Some of the popular tools are: - Portfolio review tool - Content audit tool - Content discovery tool - Content analytics tool - Social media reporting tool  
Priya Vishwas answered 1 year ago
There are various tools that can be used to analyze a portfolio. The most popular tool is Portfolio Visualizer. This tool provides insights on the design, development, and marketing of a website or app. With this tool, you can see how your site is performing in terms of traffic and revenue. Another popular tool is the Portfolio Analyzer which was introduced by Hubspot in 2012. This tool helps you to analyze your website’s performance with respect to different metrics like bounce rate, revenue per visitor, page views per visit etc.