Types of Research Report

Meaning Research Report

Research report is simply a structure compilation of data founded by analysist and researcher after concluding their research study. It consists of data that is collected after analyzing a large set of relevant data acquired through surveys and qualitative methods. It is systematic written document that defines key aspects of research project and serves a medium of communicating it with relevant individuals. It is designed in such a way that facilitate the easy understanding of all findings and recommendations to users. Preparation of research report requires a good knowledge, experience, expertise and imagination by individual. A considerable amount of money and time need to be invested for designing a proper report. 

Every research reports comprises of 7 key components. These components are: Research summary, introduction, methodology, results, discussions, references and conclusion.

Types of Research Report
Types of Research Report

Types of Research Report

Research report is mainly of 2 types: Technical report and Popular report.

Technical Report

Technical report is one that is needed where complete written report of research study is needed for the purpose of public dissemination or record-keeping. In these report, data is presented in a simple manner and key results are defined properly. Technical report emphasis on tools used in study, assumptions made and presentation of findings along with their limitation.

Outline of Technical report is: –

  1. Results Summary- Description of key findings of the study conducted. 
  2. Nature of Study- Denotes objectives of study, formulating problem on operational basis, hypothesis used for working, type of data needed and kinds of analysis.
  3. Methods Used- Tools and techniques used for carrying out the study along with their limitations is explained.
  4. Data- Description of how the data was collected, what are their sources, their characteristics and limitations. 
  5. Data Analysis and Presenting Findings- It is the main body of report where data is analyzed and finding are presented along with supporting data. Distinct types of tables and charts are used for better explanation.
  6. Conclusions- Findings are narrated in a detailed manner and implications of policies drawn from results is explained.
  7. Bibliography- It provide details of distinct sources which were consulted while performing a research.
  8. Technical Appendices- Technical appendices related to mathematical deviations, questionnaire and analysis technique elaboration.
  9. Index- It is attached invariably at the report end.

Outline of a Technical report may not be same in all case and may vary in all technical reports.

Popular Report

Popular report is the one that focuses on attractiveness and simplification of data. It is used when its findings will have policy implications. Focus is laid on writing in a clear manner, minimization of technical aspects, using charts and diagrams in liberal and detailed manner. Other key characteristics of popular report are use of many subheadings, large prints and occasional cartoon. Practical emphasis is given more importance in these type of report.

General outline of Popular report is as given below: –

  1. Findings and Their Implications- Focus is given on practical aspects of findings of study conducted and how these findings are implied.
  2. Recommendations for Action- This section of report on basis of findings provides recommendations for action.
  3. Objectives of Study- A description of nature of problem and key objectives of conducting a study are explained here.
  4. Techniques Used- Review of all tools and techniques employed along with data employed for concluding the study is given in this portion of study. All description is given in non-technical manner.
  5. Results- It is the main portion of report where all finding are denoted in simplified and non-technical terms. All sorts of illustration like diagrams and charts are used liberally.
  6. Technical Appendices- Technical appendices provides a detailed informed on different methods used, forms etc. In case, if report is meant for general public then technical appendices is kept precise.