Advantages and Disadvantages of Human Relations Theory


What is Human Relations Theory?

Human Relations Theory is a psychology concept of human relation. employees feel Human relations theory says that if employees feel important and being part of something, that time they work hard and try to achieve personal and company goals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Human Relations Theory

Advantages of Human Relations Theory

  • Human Relation Theory improves productivity of employees.
  • Human Relation Theory removes grievance among the employees.
  • Human Relation Theory improves Employee Retention.
  • Human Relation Theory creates good human relationships.
  • Human Relation Theory improves goodwill of company.

Disadvantages of Human Relations Theory

  • Human Relation Theory focuses on human theory. it does not include productivity of workforce.
  • Human Relation Theory doers not show road-map of work.
  • Human Relation Theory has more theoretical concept.
  • Human Relation has Difficulty of Analysis.
  • Human Relation Loss of Subjectivity.

Objectives of Human Relations Theory

  • To improve productivity of employees.
  • To remove grievance of employees.
  • To achieve company goal.
  • To improve goodwill of company.
  • To provide fair, acceptable and efficient leadership.
  • To provide an opportunity for expression and voice management.

Principles of Human Relation Theory

  • To provide recognition and appreciation to the employees.
  • To understand the feelings and emotions of the workers.
  • To provide freedom to the employees.
  • To communicate with employees.

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