Contingency Approach to Management

The Contingency approach is a management theory that helps the manager to adopt the best management style is dependent on the context of the situation. Contingency approach helps to understand that management activity such as planning, controlling, leadership, or organization are completely dependent on the circumstances.

Contingency managers pay attention to both of the situations that they create own styles and management approach.

Advantages of Contingency Approach to Management

  • Contingency approach is dynamic in nature. So, it changes according to the situations. it allows managers to change the policies according to the situation.
  • Contingency approach helps the manager to enhance their leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Contingency approach provides options to the employees, that helps them to grow and share their ideas to the business.
  • It helps to design the organizational structure and plan the information decision systems.

Disadvantages of Contingency Approach to Management

  • Contingency approach has a complex approach. The suggestion of the approach is very simple but when it comes to practical it becomes more complex.
  • Contingency approach is basically reactive in nature. Sometimes the handling the situations become hard for the manager.
  • Contingency approach suffers from inadequately of literature. It is not sufficient to say that ‘a managerial action depends on the situation.
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