Decision Theory Approach in Management


What is Decision Theory Approach?

Decision Theory Approach in management is an approach that helps the manager to take the right decision with the logical term. The Decision Theory of management founded by Herbart Simon to looks management process as a decision making process. At the time of making this approach, the manager will identify the uncertainties that will affect the business.

Steps Of Decision Theory Approach

Recognize and Identify the decision situation

Before taking any decision the manager should know and understand the situations that will create after taking the decision.

Identify Alternatives Solutions

The Manager should also identify the alternative solution of decision that may help the Manager in the future. The decision theory helps to find out alternative solutions of the problems.

Evaluate Each Alternative Solutions

After identifying the alternative solutions the manager should evaluate each solutions because when the manager evaluate alternative solutions. It helps to come at effective solutions.

Implement Alternative Solutions

The final step is to Implement alternative solutions to examine the decision. Then the manager should take the final and make sure the final outcome.