Characteristics of Business Organisation

What is Business Organisation?

The concept of organizing is simply concerned with arranging each and every element of the organization in such a way that adequate coordination is created among all. It aims at achieving the healthy relationship between employees, task and various resources so that they can work together achieving common goals.

The organising process simply starts with the detection of the task to be performed and then dividing this task and also providing with authority and responsibility which results in healthy relationship thereby enabling the peoples to complete their task in a most efficient manner. It simply sorts a large number of tasks in such a manner so that they are not mixed up at last. It simply shows how different activities in an organisation are linked with each other and how one activity affects another activity.

It has a very effective role in preventing any happening of chaos situation in the organising. Organising is that function of management that is done after the planning function. The main task in organising function of management is designing of the organisation structure which clearly defines the powers and relationship of individuals concerned with the organisation. Organising has a very important role in the achievement of goals of the company because once plans are made then it all depends upon how you organise your activities.

Characteristics of Business Organisation

Brings Specialization in Work

This is one of the important functions of organising as a specialization of work leads to an increase in efficiency and reduce the wastage of resources. This function is done by dividing the whole task into small units and these units are then allocated to different people who when performing the same task again and again over become specialize in a particular task. This specialization increases the overall efficiency and leads to an increase in the profits of the company.

Importance of organising
Importance of Business Organisation

Efficient Usage of Resources

The organization helps in fuller utilization of resources thereby increasing overall efficiency and avoid any wastage of resources. This efficiency is achieved by allocating the right job to the right man according to their skills so that they can perform their duties with high efficiency.

Better Communication

Organising plays a very effective role in promoting coordination among different sections of the organisation. This coordination in the organisation helps in better and convenient communication among different peoples working there. Any important message or instructions can be easily convened to all the people working there.

Easy Acquiring

Organising helps in easy acquiring of changes according to environmental needs. For the better and flexible functioning of the organisation, organising always aims at easy and fast modification of the structures of the management. Also. it provides for the way that helps in continuous and stable growth despite various changes.

Better Administration

Organising is the one which is solely responsible for bringing coordination in the organisation. It brings together all those departments which are performing the same task which makes it very easy to control their functioning and performance. This way organising through the coordination of all activities helps in better administration.

Increase Productivity & Job Satisfaction

An organisation which is properly organised will automatically be able to increase its productivity and also be able to lower its cost. Also when a task is provided to the employees according to their skills, this brings more and more efficiency in their performance and they become expert in their task. Therefore proper and systematic organising lead to increase the overall productivity at lower costs.

Better Working Relationship

Proper organising helps in proper defining of the relationship between various employees in an organisation. Authority and responsibilities of different people in the organisation are very well defined which clearly shows their roles. Thus this better relationships among people in the organisation ultimately help in achieving maximum efficiency at a lower cost.

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