Marketer: Meaning, Types and Importance


Meaning of Marketer

Marketer are the persons who are responsible for carrying out the marketing campaigns of a business organization. These are highly professional individuals who have great knowledge and experience about marketing field. They do each and everything for promoting products of company with the aim of raising the overall sales level. Marketer formulates effective marketing strategies and implement them in promotional campaigns of organization for grabbing attention of mass peoples. They aim at publicizing the brand products among large no. of peoples in market. These peoples study customer needs and desires that enables in providing key information about market demand to companies. Proper understanding of customer requirements enables brand in producing right products and bringing in required changes from time to time. These professional supervise all activities of promotional department and works towards attracting large no. potential audience through their marketing efforts.

Types of Marketer

Brand Marketer

Brand marketer are those marketers which focuses on developing a good brand name for the organization. These are the professional who instead of attracting more potential clients and increasing sales volume, work towards building a good reputation of company. Their main goal is to ensure that brand perceived value by customer is optimal. Brand marketers make efforts to build better relationships with media and business partners.

Product Marketer

Product marketer are those professionals which manages all the promotion and marketing of brand products or services. They are the one which formulate effective promotional strategies, plan marketing events and contact with advertisement agencies for carrying out outbound marketing. Their main responsibility revolves around the promotion of actual products of brand by doing both online and offline marketing.

Inbound Marketer

These are the one which are concerned with formulation and implementing inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketer focuses on attracting large number of potential customers and converting them into sales by delivering important information in form of e-books, blog posts, templates and other materials. Understanding the customer’s wants is one of their key responsibility.

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketer are individual that handles all social accounts of business organizations with the aim of attracting more and more followers. Every large business organization has one or more social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and many more. They share information about company’s events, products updates and connecting with customers for providing better service. These marketing specialists ensure that updates are timely posted and feedback or queries of customers are properly addressed. 

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer are marketing specialists that carrying out marketing for brand using online means. Their responsibility is to handle all online aspects of marketing ranging from planning online marketing events, handling company’s social accounts and sending promotional emails to potential leads. 

Content Marketer

These are the professionals who perform more specialized role in content creation and is somehow similar to inbound marketer. They work towards developing a such high-quality content that is answerable to all questions of potential customers of organization. The main aim is to enhance the online presence and search ability of company.

Importance of Marketer

Publicize products

Marketers perform the function of publicizing the brand products in market. They design all marketing activities and perform them at a massive scale for grabbing people’s attention. Advertisement campaigns are run by these market professionals to promote product and services of company amount huge no. of peoples in market.

Find new markets

These professional individuals enable company in finding new markets for their products. Marketers conduct an analysis in market to recognize the target audience of organization. They first analyze information about brand products before designing any advertisement campaigns. Effective marketing strategies assist in reaching out to target customers and exploring new markets.

Raise sales volume

Marketers plays an effective role in enhancing the overall sales volume of business enterprise. They create wide awareness of brand products for attracting more and more peoples. Promotional messages are designed in an attractive way highlighting the features of product and differentiating it from others. Peoples are motivated to purchase the products by these professional which lead to increase the overall sales of company.

Build brand image

These market specialists enables a brand in enhancing its image by developing better relations with customers. Marketers act as an intermediary in between the brand and clients. They supply all data related to customer preference and expectation from products to brand which leads to production of right type of products. Delivery of quality products at right price improve the customer experience and enhance the brand image in their eyes.

Identify customer needs

Marketer perform an important role of identifying the customer needs and wants by interacting with them in market. He on behalf on company meet audience where gather information about what they are looking for, their budget and feedback about brand products. All the collected information is communicated to organization which enables them in formulating effective production strategies.

Expand customer base

They also work towards expanding the customer base of a brand by contacting with more and more peoples. Marketer run wide marketing campaigns for informing people about brand existence and its products. These professionals tell them about product features, advantages and offers provided by brand for motivating them to purchase the product.

Establish relations with customer

Maintaining a better relationship with customer is another key role played by marketer. It is their responsibility to address the customer queries properly and timely resolve them. They are the people who represent brand when they deal with customers, therefore these people try to develop better understanding with people that leads to enhance long-term relationships.

Educate customers

Marketer does the work of educating people in market that lead to better purchase decisions. They provide qualitative information about products using facts and figures. Customers are taught about the features and advantages of brand products, differentiate it from other competitors in market. They tell clients what they should look in a product while purchasing it that make them well-aware for making buying decisions.