9 Objectives of Communication in Business


Meaning of Business communication

Business communication is the medium through which wide information is exchanged within the business. Communication is simply the process of exchange of ideas, facts and information from one person to another person through a verbal or non-verbal medium. There are at least two persons within the communication process that is one sender and other receivers. Communication is a two-way process requiring equal response from both sides, merely sending and receiving messages is not a communication process.

Communication is termed as lifeline of the business and has an important role in the achievement of organisational goals. It helps the managers in proper management by timely providing all relevant information about the organisation. Managers can properly formulate and implement better policies within the organisation by having a better understanding of the information provided by the communication process. Information flows both upwards and downwards in a communication process that is from employer to employees and from employees to the employer. It helps in creating a better understanding and work culture among people in a business environment by the proper flow of information.

Everyone working with the organisation gets the right to express their views and problems through a communication network. It motivates and makes them satisfied thereby improving the work efficiency of the organisation.  There are large number of objectives of business communication which are discussed below.

Objectives of Business communication are as follows:

Objectives of Communication in Business

Objectives of communication in business
Objectives of communication in business

Exchange of information

It is the most important and primary objective of communication process in every business organisation. Business communication involves the exchange of ideas, facts and other important information among different peoples within the organisation. It exchanges information both within internal and external parties of organisation for better understanding.

Achievement of Organisational Goals

Communication has an important role in the achievement of organisational goals. It helps the managers in the proper management of business organisations. Managers get all information regarding business through it which helps them in designing and implementing better policies within the organisation. Proper planning and decision making on part of management help business in the achievement of their desired goals and objectives.

Directing the subordinates

Communication is served as the means through employers and employees communicate with each other. It is the medium through which information flows between them in both directions. Employers give complete direction and order to their employees regarding work to be done through this medium. Employees easily understand their roles and duties through the regular supply of information from their employers.

Motivating the Employees

It has an important role in motivating the employees working with the business. Employees have basically two types of needs that are financial and non-financial needs. Financial needs of employees can be fulfilled by paying them good wages and salaries. However, non- financial needs can be fulfilled only by interacting with employees on a regular basis. It will help in understanding them and the problems they are facing. Proper communication network helps employers in interacting with their subordinates in both formal and informal way.

Increase the Efficiency

Communication helps in improving the efficiency of organisation. It helps in supplying all required guidelines and information concerned with work to the people working in the organisation. Employers direct their subordinates from time to time which helps them in increasing the overall efficiency of business.

Improves Job Satisfaction

Communication network in the business helps in improving the job satisfaction of subordinates. It gives subordinates an opportunity to freely express their ideas and opinions to the management. They got an equal chance to participate in the decision making of the organisation. This develops a sense of belongingness among people working within the organisation thereby improving their overall job satisfaction.

Attracting Customers

Business are able to attract more customers by developing a proper communication channel with their customers. Efficient communication helps business in easily reaching out to their customers with new products and services. Customers can interact with business and resolve their queries regarding the company’s product and services. This helps in attracting more customers and increasing profit.

Educate and Train Employees

Training of workers is an important task for every business to improve their efficiency. Efficient communication network helps managers to educate and provide training to the peoples working within the organisation. Employees can be made aware of the latest techniques and methods of working by supplying them with information regularly. It is possible through a proper communication network.

Developing a better image

Communication processes helps business in developing a better image in the market. It helps business to stay connected with all its stakeholders and provides all information timely. All stakeholders can easily interact with business and acquire all required information through a well-established network. Better image help the business helps in winning a competitive advantage in the market.